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Privacy Statement

In compliance with the articles 15, 16 and others related to the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data held by Particulars, ADMINISTRACION DE HOTELES TAPATIOS S.A. DE C.V., commercially known as “Hotel Country Plaza Zapopan”, puts at your disposal a privacy notice that includes the following points:

  1. The identity and address of the responsible of colleting the personal data:

ADMINISTRACION DE HOTELES TAPATIOS S.A. DE C.V. is a legal person created according to the Mexican law and is responsible of using, collecting, protecting and preserving the personal data, including the one known as sensitive, patrimonial and financial with the main objective of delivering temporary lodging services, event facilities rental and dining services.

And designates as the address to hear and receive all kind of notifications Prolongacion de las Americas, colonia San Miguel de la Colina, Zapopan, Jalisco, México, #1170, Z.C. 45160, with the phone number: (33) 3208 4633.

II.- Ways to get the personal data:

We can get the personal data by the following means:

When you give it directly via writing;


You present your job application or curricular document;


Online forms;

Phone services;

Any other way allowed by Law.

III.- The data we collect:

The personal data we collect to comply with the purposes established in the current notice include:

A: Personal data collected from the holder:

Full name;

Business name;







Birth place;


Phone number:

Cell phone number;





B: Personal data we collect from those who want to work with us or have been hired:

  1. The established in the previously mentioned section A;
  2. Education level;
  3. Current and previous jobs;
  4. RFC;
  5. Social security number;
  6. Civil status;
  7. Afore.

In accordance with the law we’ll consider you’ve granted your consent regarding the previously mentioned personal data. We inform you can oppose the use of those in any moment through the procedure established in section VI called Means to Exercise the ARCO.

C) Sensitive Personal Data:

  1. Religion;
  2. Racial or ethnic origin;
  3. Health;
  4. Blood type;
  5. Unions;
  6. Patrimonial or financial;
  7. Number of credit, debit card;
  8. Bank accounts;
  9. Bank statement;
  10. Payroll receipts.

In the case of the Sensitive Data, Financial or Patrimonial, it is mandatory that, in compliance with the Law, you give us your specific consent to use them. That is why we ask you to sign the formats we’ll provide you.

IV. The purposes:

The holder’s personal data will be used by ADMINISTRACION DE HOTELES TAPATIOS S.A. DE C.V.D for the following purposes:

  1. Main purposes:
  1. Providing the hired services;
  2. A way to fulfill the contracted obligations;
  3. Sending bills;
  4. Following up the charging process;
  5. Any other purpose compatible with the previously established purposes.
  • Purposes regarding the Employees:
  1. For the process of evaluation, recruiting and staff selection;
  2. To manage your work file;
  3. To integrate the necessary documents for you to develop your services;
  4. Payroll and other job benefits;
  5. Any other purpose compatible with the previously established.
  • Secondary Purposes:

Additionally, we’ll use your personal information for the following secondary purposes that are not necessary to deliver the requested service, but allow us and ease to offer a better attention.

  1. Informative newsletters;
  2. Quality surveys;
  3. Commercial information regarding services or promotions;
  4. Invitations to events.

In case you do not want your personal data to be used for these secondary purposes, you can send a written request to ADMINISTRACION DE HOTELES TAPATIOS S.A. DE C.V. with the refusal. This cannot be a reason for us to deny the service you request or hire.

V.- The options and means we offer to limit the use of your personal data:

ADMINISTRACION DE HOTELES TAPATIOS S.A. DE C.V., with the purpose of storing your information in the best possible way, commits to use your personal data under the strictest safety measures to guarantee your confidentiality. There are security standards in the administrative and legal matter and technological measures have been applied to avoid non-authorized third parties to have your personal data.

It is worth mentioning that the holder of the personal data can start a process to Access, Rectify, Cancel or Oppose the personal data, according to the chapter VI of the current privacy notice.

Plus, there are other administrative procedures to limit the publicity via phone calls known as Public Registry to avoid Publicity offered by the PROFECO, which can be found in the website:  https://rpc.profeco.gob.mx/Solicitudnumero.jsp

VI. – The means to exercise the rights to Access, Rectify, Cancel or Oppose the personal data.

You can revoke the consent you’ve given us to use your personal data. Nevertheless, it is important to have in mind that we cannot answer to your request or end the use of the personal data immediately in all the cases, since it’s possible that due to any legal reason we have to keep using your personal data. Likewise, you have to consider that, for certain purposes, the revocation of your consent might imply that we cannot keep offering the service you’ve requested from us.

The holder can exercise the rights to rectify, access, cancel or oppose the use of the personal data presenting a request, following the next procedure:

Make your request sending an email at avisodeprivacidad@countryplaza.com.mx directed to Amadeus Gonzalez Sanchez, the responsible person in charge of receiving your requests. The data and documentation you must include are:

The name of the personal data holder, address, and an alternative wat to communicate the answer to your request;

The documents that validate the identify, or, if it’s a third person, the legal representation;

The clear and precise description of the personal data you want to exercise the ARCO rights for;

Any other element or document that eases the localization of your personal data.

In case of rectifications, the holder must indicate the modifications to be made and provide the documentation that backs the petition.

In case the documentation has visible corrections, alterations or there’s a reasonable doubt or its inauthenticity, ADMINISTRACION DE HOTELES TAPATIOS S.A. DE C.V. reserves the right to request any other document to prove and accredit the data ownership, so we can request the original documentation or certified copies.

If any information is missing in your request, we’ll request it as soon as possible.

If you comply with all the required formalities for such procedure, you’ll receive an answer within the next 20 days, counted from the date we’ve received your request or the date we received all the documentation. The previously mentioned time can be extended once for a similar period, as long as the circumstances of the case justify it.

VII. – Data transfers.

We inform you that ADMINISTRACION DE HOTELES TAPATIOS S.A. DE C.V. does not transfers the information to third parties without your clear authorization.

There can only be transfers without your consent, according to the provisions of the article 37 of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data Held by Particulars:

  1. When the transfer is foreseen by Law;
  2. When the transfer is necessary for preventing or for a medical diagnosis, health assistance, medical treatments or management of health services;
  3. When the transfer is made to controlled societies, subsidiaries or affiliates under common control of the responsible, or to an original society or any other society of the same Group of the responsible that operates under the same processes and internal policies;
  4. When the transfer is necessary due to a celebrated contract for the interest of holder, the responsible and a third party;
  5. When the transfer is necessary or legally required to protect a public interest or for law enforcement purposes;
  6. When the transfer is needed to recognize, exercise or defend a right in a legal procedure; and
  7. When the transfer is needed to keep and fulfill a lawful relationship between the responsible and the holder.

VIII. – The means and procedure through which the responsible will communicate the holder any changes in this privacy notice, according to the Law.

ADMINISTRACION DE HOTELES TAPATIOS S.A. DE C.V. reserves the right to make, at any moment, changes and additions to all or part of the current privacy notice.

Any update will be notified through a notice in the company’s website www.countryplaza.com.mx, property of the company.

Last update: January 4th, 2016.



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